Hey everyone ! I'm working on house inspecti...

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Hey everyone !

I’m working on house inspection App. The App has a built hierarchy in it. Meaning I have 5 residential compounds, each has several building in it, in each building there are 3 categories (private property, public property and exterior property). Each category has up to 25 “places” (a “place” could be an apartment if the category is private, or the rooftop if it’s exterior).

Basically it’s sums up to:

Compound name ------------------ Building name ------------------ Category name ------------------ Apartment #/“Place” #

Now the main idea of the App is creating inspection reports. Since I’ve linked all the tables above (Compounds, Building, etc…) with Ref to each other, one can create a report in each stage (each view within the app) of the hierarchy.

Since the report has to contain each of the 4 hierarchy stages,

one must note the missing stages when creating a report. (meaning that if you add a report while in the private category, you will only need to note the Apartment number)

Now when I’m adding a report in “Apartment #/“Place” #” view ,

it only adds automatically the Apartment number,

and the other

hierarchy stages need to note manually, which is time consuming when creating an entry.

I’ve tried to create dependent dropdowns but it didn’t worked.

Any Suggestions ?


Hi @Doron_Assis Check out this page it may help. help.appsheet.com - Search results for: dependent dropdowns Search results for: dependent dropdowns help.appsheet.com

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Thanks for the quick response !

So, I’ve managed to create a dependent dropdown, which is

kind of a progress for me, but the issue is I need it to work other way around.

I mean the way the dependent dropdown works it filters the options based on the prior manual selection,

but in my case, when someone is using the App, and already navigate to the desired apartment #, he already noted the compound, building, and category (by clicking on the relavent icon and navigate downward in the hierarchy)

So when a user submit a form in an apartment view,

the compound, building and category are all known (or should be known) to the App.

And I’d like those sections to be automatically filled in the form based on the navigation itself. furthermore, I’d like it to be unchangeable while in the relavent view. (i.e. once a user has navigate to category, he couldn’t change the building name nor the compound name and etc…)

Any aid will be much appreciated !