Hey everyone, Is there a way to cause an act...

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to cause an action to affect a data change on a different (non-child) table?

Specific example: I made an app that tracks textbooks at a school. There is a ‘inventory’ table of all books and an ‘activity’ table that tracks each book’s activity (assigned to student, returned, etc.). The inventory table has a ‘status’ column where users can mark that a book has been reported missing. Let’s say a book is marked missing, and then someone scans an ‘activity’ item for that book – I want the app to immediately recognize that the book is no longer missing, and run an action to change the value of the Status column in the ‘inventory’ table! Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

@Zecharya_Michelsohn1 You can try using the action type “execute an action on a set of rows”. This action will perform another action on a set of rows from a table that you can choose. The rows are identified by an expression that returns the rows’ IDs. In your case, you need to ensure that the expression only returns the ID of the book in question. The action to be executed will be a separate action that updates the book’s status. Finally you’ll need a workflow rule that will perform the top level action (the one that performs an action on a set of rows) when triggered (the trigger can be scanning “activity” item).

Worked like a charm! Thanks!

Is there an example of this? I did not quite get it