Hey everyone, Merry Christamas and happy new...

(Hyman van Zyl) #1

Hey everyone,

Merry Christamas and happy new year. Some questions about using calendar as source.

  1. Can you add entries to calendar from appsheet? 2. Is it possibe to add a virtual column referencing another table to a table with google calendar as a source? If so, what app formula to use? 3. Is it possible to make the Title column of the calendar in appsheet view a referneced column? Can you edit any of the calendar columns? Thanks Hyman
(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Hyman_van_Zyl1 Hi, yes you can edit entries in the calendar from AppSheet. Also, it is possible to create a virtual ref column, although this is not recommended. Could you elaborate on what you are trying to implement? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your last question, so you could explain in more details?

(Hyman van Zyl) #3


Dear Dinh, Thanks for the reply.

I have a table of organzations that my org is affiliated with and want to use appsheet to keep track of this but also sync it to a calendar.

So to do this I have to be able to add entries to the calendar from appsheet side and link the entry to the affiliate table some how. Preferably the title or atendee column in the calendar table but if that is not possible a virtual column. Then I can for instance deduct when the next meeting is with which affiliate. It is probably better to set up the meets in calendar and not appsheet but then I cant use my table with affiliated organizations to choose the affiliate I want to meet with. Maybe it is best to use zapier or something to link the spreadsheet table to calendar but that will cost more. Please advice how I can add a refernecd virtula column to the calendar table and if I can add entries to the calendar via its appsheet table. Or the next best approach yu would recommend. Thanks lots Hyman

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Hyman_van_Zyl1 Where are your organization tables hosted? Can you add them directly to your AppSheet app? If so, you can simply set up a reference between the calendar table and the organization tables. If you are not familiar with table references, you can read more in the article below. If you need a solution that is more sophisticated than a table reference, or if you can’t add your organization tables to AppSheet, I highly recommend contacting one of our solution partners, who will be more than happy to work with you on developing a custom solution.

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