Hey folks, Help! Long story short -got tw...

(Mic L. Angelo) #1

Hey folks,


Long story short

-got two tables. “The Features” & “The Moderators”, which both have a column named [Moderator].

-Moderator table also has a column named [Status (Moderator)].

-I’m Using the entries in the [Moderator] column in 'The Moderator" table as an enum list for the “Moderator” column in a form that connected to “The Features” table.

–I would like to dynamically filter the enum list in “The Features” table with the text “Current Mod” in the [Status (Moderator)] column in “The Moderator” table.

-used the following code to so this. I get the “verified” check, but has no effect on my list. What am i doing wrong?

=SELECT(The Moderators[Moderator], CONTAINS(The Moderators[Status (Moderator)],“Current Mod”))

Swift help would be highly appreciated

(Steven Coile) #2

Your expression should be in the Valid_If field of the [Moderator] column of the The Features table. If it is, I would expect it to work.

(Mic L. Angelo) #3

thanks for the input @Steven_Coile I should’ve mentioned that this was the field i put the expression in previously, so that suggestion doesnt work. Do you, or anyone else, have any other ideas about what the problem could be?