Hey Folks, Your assistance in this would be...

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Hey Folks,

Your assistance in this would be appreciated.

I am working on an App to monitor stock movement of Livestock (Please see pic below). I do have a drop down for type of Stock, then edit boxes for number of stock etc.

My Problem is this,

At one particular time if there was a movement of 20 types of stock of various ages, I would almost have 20 dropdown options(for stock type) and 20 edit boxes for their ages + I have other header data to go with this - Name of the person, truck number etc. This makes the App very long and cumbersome.

Is there an option to simplify this? May be a drop down box and an edit box adjacent to either eg. Stock Type(Dropdown) - 2012(Year of birth). or any other way to tackle this?

Please help.




Hi Daniel, What exactly do you want to be recorded. I think you may need to change the layout of your sheet/s to make a useful app. If you would like to share a copy of your data I would have a look at it for you. Its a bit hard to make suggestions without seeing all of the data and how you want it presented.

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Hi Lynne,

Appreciate your reply. The data I am trying to capture is shown below. Also the app design I have attached too. I am thinking, there must be a better way. Please help if you can, I will much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Daniel, It is getting late here but if you haven’t had any help before then I will have a look at it tomorrow.

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@Lynn Thank you Lynn. Would love to hear from you. Appreciate your help.


Hi, This is very basic but as you didn’t provide any data I just used some of my own.

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@Lynn thank you Lynn. I totally understand that. The data pretty looks like my previous photo - the sheet with values. Wuestion from your App - how woukd you design if you have 12cows of 2012, 16str of 2015, 15cows of 2011, 25 cows of 2016 - meaning different stock type that needs to be recorded under one stock number

(primary key) of any date?

Is there any way to fetch the above data without repeating the “description”, “year” and “number” columns on the app? Sorry I hope I am explaining properly.

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@Daniel_Veluswamy You may want to use references between your tables. That will allow for a parent record to have a variable number of child records.


Here’s an example that shows how a single video can have a variable number of associated reviews. You may be able to take this pattern and use it to solve your problem.

appsheet.com - Video Comments - An app to leave comments on videos

Video Comments - An app to leave comments on videos appsheet.com


Hi @Daniel_Veluswamy I have updated my app If you would like to check it out.