Hey guys and gals im pretty new to this. I st...

(Robert Biello) #1

Hey guys and gals im pretty new to this. I started out parsing emails that contain jobs for my drivers into a google spreadsheet. From that i create a filter and find the date i need and copy it to a different sheet. I then use the importrange and query function to send it to individual drivers based on Col1 wich is their name . The problem im having is the checkboxes on their sheet to record there pickup and drop off times arent lining up with the imported data. So my question is how can i send different jobs to my drivers using this app?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@Robert_Biello, I’m a bit confused. Which sheet is the AppSheet app based on?

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

@Robert_Biello May I ask why don’t you use the original sheet for the backend of your app? You can make the filtering directly in the app so you would not need importrange or query at all. Could that be possible?


Hi @Robert_Biello Is this happening because your imported data is not always in the exact same format. Is it from a csv? I have run into this problem in the past and it took a lot of regextract formulas to get the data into the correct columns every time. Not sure if there is an easier way these days.

(Robert Biello) #5

I would like to use the schedule sheetthat has all my jobs that are parsed from my emails