Hey Guys have been trying to work around an i...

(Jony Blithe) #1

Hey Guys have been trying to work around an issue that may be simple

i have an inventory table and a form table when my team removes an item via the form i am trying to reduce the QTY of that item in the inventory table when the form is submitted/saved to the form table any good ideas or sources i can read to accomplish this? the issue is this need to happen one time per form submission as the inventory table is being managed in the background via google sheets.

(Steven Coile) #2

Off the top of my head, I’d think the inventory table would have a

column with the running count of items added to inventory (managed from the Google Sheet?), and a virtual column that subtracts the number of items from the form from the inventory addition counter.

Inventory[received]: number of items added to inventory.

Form[QTY]: number of items removed from inventory.

Inventory[remaining]: virtual column an App formula along the lines of =([received] - sum(Form[QTY]))

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Steven’s solution works well if you don’t need to write that data to the sheet. If you need, you could do that with an action & data change workflow. The action’s type should be then “Execute an action on a set of rows”. This would mean that when you add a new record, the workflow would trigger the action, which will write updated value for that record.