Hey guys I am creating an app launcher for ou...

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Hey guys I am creating an app launcher for our company and I’d like to know if there is a away so that some people can only see the relevant apps related to their work? I have another table where I have all my users and I also created several fields with the app name. For example the table would look like this [Username][APP1] [APP2] [APP3] [APP4]. If the user has access to APP1 and APP2 then on that field it will say TRUE. Now how do I filter this on the app launcher so that APP1 and APP2 will only show for that specific user?

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First… that launcher table should be a slice… at least. Secondly you should use Useremail instead of Username. I would also change the User table structure a little. Instead of using columns like App1, App2 etc, i would use only one APP column. That column could be a EnumList field. Options would be those App1, APP2 etc.

In the slice you can then filter rows as… CONTAINS(LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),UserTable,Email,App),[AppName]). There are many ways to build this, this is just one of those.

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@Joseph_Romualdez Hi Joseph, below is a good sample app that will demonstrate how you can implement what you described:

appsheet.com - IT Apps Manager - An app launcher for other AppSheet apps.

In this app, you’ll see that the links to the other apps are stored in a table called “IT Apps Manager”. The gallery view that displays all the links is called “Apps”, and this view is hooked up to the table “IT Apps Manager”. To filter the apps that are visible to each user, you can modify this set up so that the “Apps” view is connected to a slice of the “IT Apps Manager”, and this slice will filter the app links based on who the app user is. Alternatively, instead of using a slice, you can also filter the table directly using a security filter. Of course, how the filtering is implemented depends on the particular setup of your app. IT Apps Manager - An app launcher for other AppSheet apps. appsheet.com

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@Aleksi_Alkio Hey Aleksi as usual you came in to save the day. Thank you for the tip it works like a charm!

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You’re welcome