Hey guys! I am testing an app using SQL Serve...

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #1

Hey guys! I am testing an app using SQL Server. So, I have a ‘SQL Trigger before insert’ wich calls a SQL function that check a digit calculator. If it is true my input has been saved. If false do not. The app has worked fine, validating the field with digit, before I click on save button, what is a surprise for me. But, sometimes, my digit calculator is right and the validation do not permits the input.

Is there anyway only call trigger when I click on save button? I think the validation field is not working.

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Do you have anything in the Valid_if property of that CPF column in your app? If yes, you can remove it, then AppSheet app will allow any values and you will only rely on the SQL trigger on the server side.

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #3

Sorry @RezaRaoofi, I forgot the Valid_if property. Thank you!