Hey guys! I have a question on the reference ...

(Tara Holladay) #1

Hey guys! I have a question on the reference function between two tables.

In one view (we’ll call it “Products,”) I have a referenced column where I can select a “Client” from a drop down menu. Fantastic. But the reverse isn’t so fantastic. in the Client view, the reference showing their “products” has an add “New” link, which goes to the product input form. I don’t want that. I would prefer the “new” link on the client’s “products” list to go to the table list of all products so I can select a product that is already there.

Is this a thing? Can references and reverse references both function as a dropdown selection? I don’t even know if this is a UX issue or a behavior issue or a data issue.

(Segolene Sansom) #2

@Tara_Holladay ok what i would suggest you do is create a new table with the following columns: Code (UniqueID-Text), Students (Ref to your students table), Piano Pieces (Ref to your piano pieces)…and i personally would add in Start Date (Date- initialize to today) and EndDate(manual input or through an action button when an end date doesn’t exist). This will allow you to see for each student which pieces they have played and when and same in reverse for the pieces of music.

(Segolene Sansom) #3

quick question - can one clients have many products and can one product belong to many clients - because if that’s the case you might want to build an intermediary table…

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You are requesting kind of basket functionality… am I correct?

(Tara Holladay) #5

@Segolene_Sansom Yes! Looks like I’ll be researching intermediary tables. What I actually have are a list of piano students’ profiles. Then I have a huge database of my sheet music and piano pieces from books. I have over a thousand “products” (pieces of music for them to play) and I want to be able to assign those pieces to a student’s profile. There will be multiple students working on the same piece on any given week, and there will be multiple pieces for each student. Maybe “references” isn’t the feature I should be using. An action maybe?

(Tara Holladay) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio That sounds promising. I don’t know what that is but I think I need to research that. I responded to another commenter in this post about what I’m actually doing. It’s an app to help keep my piano students’ weekly assignments organized.

(Tara Holladay) #7

@Segolene_Sansom Question, if I did the intermediary table like you suggested, would the end result have this possibility: I’m in the student’s individual profile and I can click on the name of the songs that they are working on and it takes me to that song’s individual reference page?

(Segolene Sansom) #8

@Tara_Holladay yes you could.

(Tara Holladay) #9

@Segolene_Sansom Thank you!!