Hey guys I've made an app to bassicaly be a ...

(Alvaro Mascaro) #1

Hey guys

I’ve made an app to bassicaly be a form to input data into a spread sheet and then share the detailed view via WhatsApp

All working good so far however I have 2 issues

I created a couple of virtual columns which are running some expressions. To display a % it seems when I look at the detailed view of the entry these are not computing correctly. But when I go to edit the entry it computes fine in the edit screen.

The other issue is when I share the detailed screen via what’s app it formats it exactly how I want , however the virtual column values I made display as decimals and not % like I have in the app. Can you customise this ?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - When you calculate the % value, is your formula reading values from another record or from other table and is it in a normal column? If yes, then your formula is probably working correctly. When you want to calculate something dynamically, you need to do it in the virtual column. The app formula in a normal column will be calculated only, when you edit the record.

(Alvaro Mascaro) #3

Hi Aleksi, thanks for your response. I am having the calculations done in the virtual columns , using data from normal columns to compute (I only have one table of data). I can see in the form section the virtual columns compute correctly. However when I go back in to see the form entry “detail view” they are not computing correctly

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

May I ask what is the formula you are using?


Hi, What does your “Detail view” show?

(Alvaro Mascaro) #6

Hi guys

Formula I’m using is [FX]/([cn]+[da]) these are obviously columns in the table .

The detailed view just shows a read only of the form.entry

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

What are these two results? Can you show us what values you are using and results, thanks.

(Alvaro Mascaro) #8

As you can see in how screen shot this is the detailed view and it’s not computing correctly the FX attachment however on the spread sheet it is.

(Alvaro Mascaro) #9

And in the edit screen it is aswell

(Aleksi Alkio) #10

Try 100.0*[FX]/([cn]+[da])