Hey guys, new issue. I am trying to delete r...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Hey guys, new issue.

I am trying to delete rows from one of my spreadsheets entitled “Design Numbers Reorganization”.

I went into google drive, and deleted a whole bunch of rows.

Then I regenerated the table in app sheet.

However, when I go into the app and look at that table, it is still showing me all the old information.

I tried regenerating twice.

What am I missing?

I want to totally clear the rows out so that we have space to add different numbers for next year.

And so the app sync a bit faster.


(Reza Raoofi) #2

Go to Data > Tables and click on View Source button as shown below; does it open the spreadsheet with all those deleted rows?

(Miranda Lubarsky) #3

Yes, it shows me all the old rows.

How do I get rid of that?

(Reza Raoofi) #4

Then most likely the last time you had deleted those rows from another spreadsheet, delete them now after you opened the spreadsheet via View Source button to make sure it is the right sheet. Then you do not need to regenerate, just a simple sync should reload new data set.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #5

@RezaRaoofi Ok, thanks.

Still so confused.

It looks like the same exact spreadsheet.

Guess it got duplicated somewhere.