Hey, I have a problem with Template filter.....

(Bici Courier Nantes) #1


I have a problem with Template filter… i have: - A table with a list of clients “Clients” - A table with client’s orders (all client’s orders in the same table) “Dispatch” - A slice with the last month Orders “mois_dernier”

I want to display the order of each clients of the last month:

<<Start: And(Filter(mois_dernier, TRUE),Filter(mois_dernier[nom_client]=Clients[nom_client],TRUE))>>

have a problem :confused:

any idea? thanks

(Bici Courier Nantes) #2

<<Start: filter(mois_dernier,[_THISROW]=[nom_client])>>

look like good not ? :confused:

<<Start: AND(Filter(mois_dernier, TRUE),SELECT(mois_dernier, [_THISROW] = [nom_client]))>>

not work aswell

(Bici Courier Nantes) #3

<<Start: filter(mois_dernier,[THISROW]=[nom_client])>>

[nom_client] was missing in the slice


(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Let me check… do you want to have one template with all orders from the last month?