Hey, I have an app based on a google sheet, t...

(Ed Curl) #1

Hey, I have an app based on a google sheet, that requires an entry once a day.

Entry is done via a form in the app.

The entry of one parameter in the form should be influenced by the 5 day moving average of that parameter, inclusive of the day of entry…

So, I can calculate it in the sheet, and it will update on sync, but I would like to be able to show in the form, the effect of entering a particular value.

For example if I enter ‘19’ in the form, and the prior four days were 14, it can show me a ‘Trial MA’ of ‘15’ and on the basis of that MA of ‘15’ I can decide if 19 was the right value to enter…

((14+14+14+14+19)/5 = 15).

Right now I have to do it by entering the 19, saving/synching and then looking in the data table to see the resulting MA and then potentially re-open to update the ‘19’…

It is sort of like I have to get the opening of the form to trigger caching up the prior 4 values and then perform the calculation on the fly…

Any advice?

Thanks! Ed

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Ed_Curl,You may wish to take a look at the sample app “Moving Average” at https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/214396

Please note that this is a very basic sample app,

just to demonstrate displaying moving average ( and associated 5 numbers from last 5 days) on the screen as user

enters or changes the input number. It does not have many validations. For example, to take care of gaps in dates when numbers data is not entered.

So please create new data row by entering next to previous highest date entered.

Hope this helps

you in some way.