Hey I'm trying to get my spreadsheet automati...

(Wojciech Strzałkowski) #1

Hey I’m trying to get my spreadsheet automatically update the data on AppSheet.

I’ve read that it can be accomplished by writing a dedicated script using the onChange function. Unfortunately I am not a skilled coder and have to look for a point&click solutions.

I’ve found a Trigger&Send Add-on to Spreadsheet and it can trigger the onChange function as I wanted, but it need a URL to push it to. I’ve searched all across the internet and I can’t find info whether AppSheet has any public API nor if I can generate a URL for my app.

Am I doing it the right way? How can I make it work? I need the data I put manually into the spreadsheet to appear in my app.

Thanks for help in advance!


(Joe Birk) #2

I am not sure that you can “Push” changes to the app in real-time from gs, even with scripts… When you Sync the app it will fetch any manual changes to your gs. In the “Offline/Sync” tab under “Behavior” you can Turn on Automatic updates but there is a delay.

(Jason Denniston) #3

To update your data in google sheet to appear in your app, just click on “Regenerate”.

(Wojciech Strzałkowski) #4

@Jason_Denniston Hey man, thanks! It worked! So simple! :slight_smile:

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Wojciech_Strzalkowsk if you don’t add any new columns, you don’t need to regenerate the table structure. The normal sync should be enough.

(Oliver Waghorn) #6

Hi Guys

I have a similar question, I have a ‘job list’ that grows every week generated from one sheet, of which my staff enter their hours against in another. Currently in order for them to see the new jobs in the app I have to regenerate the column structure. The job list is an Enum column of which inside the sheet originated as a column subject to data validation. I’d love to be able to change this so that I don’t have to regenerate the column structure. The simple sync doesn’t seem to work. Any thoughts.

(Steve Coile) #8

Restructure your data.