Hey there, I am total newbe with appsheet and...

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Hey there, I am total newbe with appsheet and therefore have some questions, hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

is it possible to add a user authentication as a first step into an app? For example you have to enter your customer ID and e-mail address. If the combination can be found in the underlying database you can go to the next step, if not you will receive an error message.

if i have successfully authenticated myself, can I have the data automatically filtered to only see results for my specific customer ID and not everyone else as well?

again, once I have successfully authenticated myself, I want the user to choose which one of 3 available tasks he wants to proceed with. Has anyone got a recommendation if it is better to create 3 seperate apps - one for each task, or just link to different sections of one massive google form in the background?

  1. can I, and if so how, have an app automatically generate a unique ID once a user enters e.g. his order details?

Any help or even pointing to the respective documentation is much appreciated. Thank you! Inga

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  1. You can set up user authentication by setting up multiple user accounts (For example, you could send all gmail email addresses and have them log in through their gmail accounts). 2. Yes. You can create a slice (a filtered data table) and have it only show data matches the data for the user. This can be done through the username() formula. 3. I don’t understand this one enough to give a full answer… but, you could show 3 tasks to all users, but once it is chosen, then hide it from the rest, through if not blank logic perhaps. 4. Yes. In your data column structure, set your ID column’s initial value to UniqueID(). That will create an ID that you can use for all new data rows.

Hope that helps!

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Appsheet doesn’t work with passwords or IDs. You only need an email address one of these providers Google, Dropbox, Box, Office365, Smartsheet or Salesforce.

  1. One way is split the massive form into 3 different sections and then use them in the same app.