Hi, #1 Ive been having some issues lately.. T...

(Aktar As) #1

Hi, #1 Ive been having some issues lately… Today i used a Valid IF for pulling data from a table, and wrote Programfil Utsjekksapp[Nøkler] and it breaks the app and says cannot find table NØKLER, did you mean Nøkler. Bug??

#2 Also happend when naming a ref column, called it “Bad” and it named it “BAD” , impossible to fix.

Edit #1 Works now, did it again and it worked. #2 Still is a problem.


(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Aktar_As Hi Aktar, could you give us the names of the affected app, table, and column so that we can investigate? Thank you.

(Aktar As) #3

Bedrift-193436 - Table “Inspeksjon” and ref column “Related Bads”"