Hi A newbie question. I want to use 4 butt...

(Paul & Lou M 'palocell') #1


A newbie question.

I want to use 4 buttons on a form (click either a,b,c, or d) like the yes/ no button, but obviously that has 2 , can someone help ?

Many thanks

(Steven Coile) #2

Configure the column as an Enum type, then add the desired a, b, c, and d values as EnumValues within the column definition.

(Paul & Lou M 'palocell') #3

Hi Thanks for the quick, reply, I did that and it added 3 OK , but when I went to 4 boxes it gave me the radio button list again.

The screen restrictions might be forcing it to do this ?

(Steven Coile) #4

Yeah, it uses some magic to decide whether to show buttons or a dropdown. You can try changing the EnumInputMode property to force it.

(Paul & Lou M 'palocell') #5

Tried that too, it reverts back to radio buttons after 3.

(Steven Coile) #6

I’ve nothing more to offer, then. I have no insight into the magic. :frowning:

(Paul & Lou M 'palocell') #7

No worries thanks Steve :slight_smile: