Hi a question about a lot of field formatti...

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a question about a lot of field formatting

I am performing inspection (audit) on truck there is a lot of item (26) by default we consider the situation is good (item have 2 as start value) if there is some thing wrong we set the value to one , worse 0

after filling in my audit . I want to see all the Item not ok so with value 0 or 1 I do not want to see the others

is there a way to set that without making conditional formating field by field?

Thanks in advance for your Help

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@Anthony_DEDE You should be able to do that with slices. help.appsheet.com - Slices: The Essentials Slices: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

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@Lynn Hi, thanks for your quick update this is not really what I look : I have 26 cells and I want to see only the field

is less than two…

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@Anthony_DEDE I had the same problem, exactly like this.

Within the appsheet, it is ideal solutions to “union” virtual multiple tables to merge as if it is single table, but as far as I know, union table function is not available for now.

On my case (similar with you), I worked on google spreadsheet side rather than appsheet, to slice table and union afterwards. Not sure if your data set sits on google spreadsheet. If so, using Google spreadsheet function might be a solution. (using query, select functions on google spreadsheet)

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@Anthony_DEDE The only way to do this right now is to add show_if conditions to your columns. help.appsheet.com - Show_If Column Constraint

Show_If Column Constraint help.appsheet.com

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@tony Hi Thanks but so I guess it is not possible yet. too bad because appsheet is doing for example when you don’t fill it a field it only shows you field populated…