Hi all, an AppSheet beginner here. But love t...

(erwin blom) #1

Hi all, an AppSheet beginner here. But love the tool at first sight.

Question. I have an online course where people can start whenever they want. So when you start now you get your daily lessons beginning today, when you start next week it starts then. I would like to build an app that coaches them and gives them relevant todo’s etcetera. What would be a good way to do that scheduled too? Hope you can help!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

you might want to connect with @Kirk_Masden who has built extensive course material using appsheet apps.

assuming you capture a timestamp when the person starts, there are at least two ways to do this:

a) set up a filter or a slice on the table that has the coursework/todos/material — depending on who is signed in, the filter picks up that person’s starting timestamp and only shows material that is meant for that stage

b) as an extra step, you could augment this with a scheduled report rule that sends the user a push notificaiton or an email to indicate that new content is available to them

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@praveen Thanks a lot! That helps!

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@Kirk_Masden I am very interested in how you use Appsheet in relation to education!