Hi All, can anybody explain slices? Thank y...

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Hi All,

can anybody explain slices?

Thank you

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Think of a Slice as a “View” (in SQL Terms) or a “Query” (in MS Access Terms) or a “Saved Filter” (with hidden columns and filtered Rows in Smartsheet) It is a subset of the data in a table that is able to be used as a source for View and Forms within Appsheet.

The Slice must contain the Primary Key field so that it knows that the data it is using comes from the identifiable Records within the main table. You select the columns that you need for your View or Form and then set a Filter so that it only shows the row(s) you want in the View or Form and then you can also decide if its Read only or Editable and whether you can Add or delete rows to or from the slice and consequently the Source Table.

More info here: https://help.appsheet.com/data/slices/slices-the-essentials

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help.appsheet.com - Slices: The Essentials Slices: The Essentials help.appsheet.com