Hi all Got a question, not sure if it’s been...

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Hi all

Got a question, not sure if it’s been asked before

We have an app that’s connected to our data base, and we have to update that daily, to keep our app up to date.

We need to put this on the AppStore and play store, we know how to do it and all set to go, however… the question is, when we update the database and sync on APPSHEET does it update the app on the stores? Or do we have to go through the whole painful process of changing a version?

Cause we ain’t changing the version we are just updating the data base


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Just with the sync. Even if you modify the data structure the SYNC process updates the app automatically without the need to create a new version.

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@Fernando_Lopez great stuff, so all we have to do is update the app as we do through the database, and then sync on APPSHEET… then the app on the AppStore & PlayStore will auto update by itself?

Thanks for your reply

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