Hi All How can I show a Tab format for the ...

(Henry Scott) #1

Hi All

How can I show a Tab format

for the Detail when it is not in Edit Mode? It only shows the Tab when you

Select the Edit Button

(Henry Scott) #2

“Include Show columns in detail views” In the UX->Options->Detail View setting does not seem to do the trick. Note that my Show Columns are not Hidden in my Columns under Data

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #3

It is not possible! I would like the same feature. So, I created a show column with image type and set an image with a tab format.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #4

@Henry_Scott this thread is getting a little messy, are you still talking about Tabs or are you referring to @Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann suggestion? Tabs would definitely be the best answer but as you pointed out they are only available when adding a new record.

As a workaround you could set up a series of views e.g. one for each image or whatever structure/presentation you are trying to achieve and then include all of these in a dashboard view. Each view should have an action to direct user to the view you want them to see after selection. It works quite well when viewed on a mobile device. That said is no match for tabs as illustrated in screenshot of well known broadcasters tv guide where each day is effectively a tab.

Love it if +AppSheet could advise if they have any plans to introduce this anytime soon. It’s also used by most banks now so that the tabs are used for each account e.g. current, savings, ISA, etc. It’s a great way to navigate without needing to return the user to a menu each time.

Apologies if this has muddied the waters further but not sure what last question related to.

(Henry Scott) #5

@StudentHomes_Plymout i have not responded further @Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann did. I am ok with the info I recieved

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #6

Okay, thanks @Henry_Scott



Hi, do you have a screen shot of how that looks please.

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #8

@Lynn this is my way…


Please up vote for this feature.

(Henry Scott) #10

@Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann how do you navigate from the Show Image to diffrent areas in the same form?

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #11

Could definitely do with this feature - now commonplace on a number of apps (e.g. online banking, cinema listings and the like). Please up vote for this feature.

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #12

@Henry_Scott are you asking about registers?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #13

Hi @Henry_Scott, Hi @Pedro_Paulo_Sant_Ann, Based on my understanding of your requirement, you may wish to take a look at following post.

The tabs facility while viewing record is under feature request. Hope this is what you are looking for.

plus.google.com - Page Style - Use of Tabs to select data being viewed (not adding new record) … Page Style - Use of Tabs to select data being viewed (not adding new record) … plus.google.com