Hi All, I am a beginner of Appsheet, may i k...

(Leo Lam) #1

Hi All,

I am a beginner of Appsheet, may i know the major different between deployed app and non deployed app?



(Stephen Mattison) #2


Welcome to Appsheet, you’re going to LOVE IT! 1. Non-deployed Apps will only send Workflow Emails/SMS to the Developer.

It will tell you who it would have gone to if the App were Deployed. 2. To move an App to Deployed Status, it must first pass a litany of tests automatically and continuously performed by AppSheet. 3. Deployed Apps are Cool and Useful! 4. ?? Must be more differences I’m not thinking about.

(Philip Garrett) #3


Non-deployed apps are for development and testing by you and optionally a handful of friends and associates.

Deployed apps are for personal or business use once testing is complete.

As Stephen points out, non-deployed apps send workflow emails to you rather than to your real app users. That is to prevent you from inadvertently send out emails before you are ready to do so.