Hi all, I am a very new user to Appsheet doin...

(Niki Pollock) #1

Hi all, I am a very new user to Appsheet doing some work for a not-for-profit organisation, I have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

We have built a small, simple app that we are in the process of publishing. The app will be made available to anyone in the general public who want to help us by submitting details of where they have seen any koalas in the NSW Australia Blue Mountains region. One of the pieces of information we want to collect is an email address of the person who is reporting the Koala sighting so that we can contact them for more information. This is a public app and we want everyone using it to be able to see the details of where koalas have been spotted but of course we don’t want to make email addresses public.

Is there a way in Appsheet to restrict some of the information that can be seen by other users of a public app or do we need to purchase a license for a secure app? Or is there another way to collect an email address that will keep it private but make it visible to the app administrators?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Cheers, Niki

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Create two tables… the one that you already have and a 2nd “QUERY” table. Copy the data with a simple QUERY expression and leave the email column away from that QUERY. Then instead of showing the original table, show this QUERY table. You can set the security filter as FALSE, and nobody can’t read the data users have added. The original table will be Adds_Only and QUERY table as View_Only.