Hi all, I am just wondering how to display a...

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Hi all,

I am just wondering how to display aggregate of more than one column in a view? And also how to display the current month data only

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hi there here is a screen short what I meant

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I collect the sales daily and I need to show the total month to date

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@Jean_Marc_Permal Ah, I see what you want with the aggregates. I do not know of a way to do what you want easily. I can imagine ways to approximate it, but it wouldn’t be easy.

You might want to explore the Dashboard view type, especially its interactive mode. It may allow you to accomplish your goal, but I don’t have enough experience with it to say for sure.

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+Steve Coile thx a lot for trying


Sounds like you need to create a “virtual” column or two in your table, and use a SELECT statements in the app formula to filter by date range and then Count or Sum the list it returns.

Check appsheet.com/support and search for SELECT statement to see some examples Customer Support - AppSheet appsheet.com

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Can you elaborate more on “aggregate of more than one column in a view”? It’s not clear to me what you mean.

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To display only the data of the current month, consider using a slice (in the Data / Slice tab in the workbench) that limits the data set as desired. See help.appsheet.com - Slices: The Essentials Slices: The Essentials help.appsheet.com