Hi all I am looking at filtering map pins, de...

(Ian Townson) #1

Hi all I am looking at filtering map pins, dependant on an inline view. Is this possible?

(Ian Townson) #2

Hopefully through “group by” I can filter the map data down

(Grant Stead) #3

@Ian_Townson I think I’m a little lost, what exactly are you trying to do, where are you trying to show the map?

(Ian Townson) #4

Ok. Thank you. I will attempt it tomorrow.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

You can also use an action button with the deep link LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW. If you create a slice for that link, it will show only those pins that belongs to that driver.

(Ian Townson) #6

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio I will give that a go

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

Actually… you don’t need

slice at all. You can write the filter directly into that deeplink.

(Ian Townson) #8

I was looking at the delivery tracking sample app.

If I have 10 drivers with each having 20 customers. I want to be able to click on a driver and the map would only show the pins for his delivery run

(Grant Stead) #9

That would be a great interactive dashboard

(Grant Stead) #10

Because a straight map view would be stripped down so that each driver would only see their stops anyway

(Ian Townson) #11

So are we thinking this is possible? When I say “we”, I mean “you” ha ha

(Grant Stead) #12

@Ian_Townson for sure, it just depends exactly where your want the view… I’m not sure if you can yeah a map view to be inline? @Aleksi_Alkio

(Ian Townson) #13

@Grant_Stead any chance of some instructions for the dashboard map. I cant get it in my head how this would work.

(Grant Stead) #14

@Ian_Townson simply have a table/deck view of your driver’s, then another view of your map… Each view has the entire data set…

Then you create a dashboard, interactive on, and add both those views… When you click on a driver it should change the map view