Hi All I am looking for Design guidance and ...

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Hi All

I am looking for Design guidance and suggestions.

I have modified the Order Capture Sample App and (that I have build some xtra tables in for a specific Customer solution) merged it with the Sample Inventory Management App II that @Peter and @Gwen built.

So my thinking looking at the Spec image is that one will have to merge/replace Stock (Outbound) - Sample App called it Shipping (Outbound) and I renamed it - with the Order Detail or vise-versa to make this work. Not sure what else is in scope to ensure that when an Order is placed with Order Items to automatically reduce the Stock in the Stock (Outbound) table and reflect that in the Product Table. The Products are already updated by the Stock (Outbound) but the Order Item must update the Products.

…or is it a question of Integrating the Order Detail and the Stock (Outbound) so that the Order Detail update the Stock (Outbound) which in turn then update the Product rows??

LINKTOFORM() will be used obviously, but my challenge is around the Design of the merged Sample App Tables

@Peter mentioned that they will look at enhancing the Inventory Management II Sample App to incorporate the Order Capture Sample App, but no timeline on that. I would like to start testing this asap hence the Design question.

Oh almost forgot -

a final piece of functionality is to ensure that with Scanning the QR Code that Stock is automatically Subtracted or Added as in this Sample App below.


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Anybody with suggestions? Maybe @Grant_Stead or @Aleksi_Alkio or @Stephen_Mattison?

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Surely somebody has some suggestion? :slight_smile: Guys any pointers for me? @Grant_Stead, @Aleksi_Alkio

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Had some time this weekend to think about the solution again. I think the Order Detail Table (from the Order Capture Sample App) must replace the Stock (Outbound) (from the Inventory Management 2 Sample App) because effectively that is what Order detail is - Stock (Outbound). Then all that must be done is that the functionality to reduce Stock in the Stock (Outbound) must be built into the Order Detail Table so that it automatically On Save adjust the Total Shipped column in the Product Table so that the Current Inventory can be calculated. So the the Stock (Outbound) Table can be deprecated? What do you think @Aleksi_Alkio, @Grant_Stead, @Lynn, @Stephen_Mattison