Hi All! I am trying to add a column to my or...

(AngelWithU Productivité) #1

Hi All!

I am trying to add a column to my orders to be able to write notes but it doesn’t appear in the app. What should i do please?

Thanks !

(Steven Coile) #2

To add a column in your app, add a corresponding column to the spreadsheet the app uses, then Regenerate the columns for that table (in Data > Columns in the app editor). Then configure the column as desired.

(AngelWithU Productivité) #3

+Steve Coile Hi ! Thanks a lot! Now the column appear in my app but when i go in “Order” add a new one enter the different thing when i arrive to my new column i am not able to write something. I put Type “text” for this new column. Thanks !

(Steven Coile) #4

Make sure the column does not have anything in its App formula property.

(Steven Coile) #5

And that it’s not marked as READ ONLY.

(AngelWithU Productivité) #6

+Steve Coile Yeah its working!! Thanks so much Steve!