Hi All, I am trying to create a table view w...

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a table view with a simple count over a grouped column. I am a beginner, and am sure there is a clear way to do this, but I can’t figure it out! I couldn’t find anything in the documentation…

The config of my view is in the image below, what bugs me are the empty rows in the table view… how to remove those?


Hi @Franz_Krauth Try grouping by Dress Name a second time and add some more columns to your column order.

You may not need dress name there.


If you have blanks in the

Dress Name column, and don’t want them displayed, you could try to base your view on a slice with a row filter condition = ISNOTBLANK[dress name].

Maybe that will help?

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Hi @Aleksi_Alkio, Translate

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Hi @Lynn

Not exactly what I need, but this was helpful!! Grouping by Dress Name twice (why???) did remove the empty rows, but now I have an arrow on the right which I don’t want - any way to remove that as well?

Thanks heaps!!!

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Hi @Mike_Adler , I don’t have blanks in the Dress Names, but this is also helpful as I now learned what slices can be good for!!

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This is how it looks after the ‘double grouping’… suggested by @Lynn. No more empty rows!!


don’t need an action on this view though, and also no other info… so the arrow on the right is not desired. Also, is there any way to sort by the aggregate (the count in this case)?

Thanks a lot again, I already learned heaps!!


Hi @Franz_Krauth What was on those empty rows?

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Hi @Lynn There was one row for each of the entries in the aggregate table. You can see 1 empty row if the count is 1, and 3 if the count was three… I guess this are the detail records of the aggregate. It was removed by grouping it twice with over the same column… why I don’t know though…

(Aleksi Alkio) #10

In your first printscreen, it was doing it correctly but you just didn’t have any value for the first column in your column order. Yes you had the “Dress name” but because it’s used for the grouping, it doesn’t show it again. When you have only one column chosen, there is no any other column to show. When you double grouped the view, it shows the group column value instead of that column’s value and it sounds that solution is solved, but it’s not because that wasn’t the original problem.

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Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio! Yes, of course - that makes sense!

Is there a way to only show the group name with aggregate, without any details?

(Aleksi Alkio) #12

The double grouping is the closest one if you want that it’s dynamic (more groups you add, more rows you have).