Hi All, I am trying to get a workflow email ...

(Lucas Cuypers) #1

Hi All,

I am trying to get a workflow email done with an adaptable body. so i was thinking about using a template for the body.

In my first table i have all the data about the report that has to be send in a attachment template.

In this same table you have a enum field where you can select the “email setup”

possibilities are: General no extra’s , General + manual …

the thing that i want to achieve is to lookup the body tekst in the other table based on the selected enum field what is the key of the Email setup table.

I was thinking about adding this formula in the google doc template but that is not working.

Table Email setup Key: column

[Topic] lookup column : [Email Content (text)]

Table Form_Detail Enum field: [Email Setup]

=> has to match the key of other table

<<Any(Select([Email Setup][Email Content (text)],[Topic]=[_THISROW].[Email Setup])>>

any ideas ?


(Philip Garrett) #2

You can conditionally include or exclude portions of the template using If statements as described here help.appsheet.com - Template If Expressions

Template If Expressions help.appsheet.com

(Lucas Cuypers) #3

I solved it with a virtual column thanks for your input