Hi all. I am wondering if I can have a user ...

(Chris Serra) #1

Hi all.

I am wondering if I can have a user change the value of one cell in my app.

I have a very large google sheet with around 20,000 rows on one tab, including 120 different stores, and on the main tab I use a query function to pull the data that I want.

I use a stores individual number to show the query what info I want to pull.

I can put this into appsheet perfectly, just would like the end user to be able to change the store number cell to change the data that the query pulls.

I have all the read only restrictions removed, but the store number field is grayed out.

Any ideas?



(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

You may need to think of this slightly differently.

Your app itself is the one doing the querying.

So you’d add the table with all the rows to your app. Add a user setting in the app that chooses the specific store number. Finally, give the original table a security filter to only fetch the rows that correspond to the store number chosen. Does that achieve what you want?

(Chris Serra) #3

I was thinking of that, but there will be times when the user needs to see other stores. I’ve looked for a way to filter info from a users view, but cannot figure it out. I’ve created a few slices, but we have over 100 stores, so that would be excessive

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And thank you for your reply!

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(Grant Stead) #5

@Chris_Serra should like a great case for the interactive dashboard… View of stores, and view of records. Then the user can select 1 or more stores, and see the desired records…

(Chris Serra) #6

@Grant_Stead Hi Grant.

Ok, thank you.

This is new to me, so I am learning as I go.

Ive figured out the dashboard, but I run into the same problem with not being able to edit the value in the table that has the store #.

Im using it as a table, and I can get to the point where I should be able to edit, but the number is grayed out, not allowing edits.

I have updates, edits and deletes checked.

Not sure what I am missing from here.

(Grant Stead) #7

@Chris_Serra is that number tagged as the key column? If so, you need a different key.