Hi All, I have a question. Assume that we ar...

(Başar Şahinbeyoğlu) #1

Hi All,

I have a question. Assume that we are a team with 10 people and we are using appsheet. Everyone has its own app installed on its own device. There is a page or table where we share the document links with their names between each other. Someone from our team calls me and asks if I can share a document, and share its link over the app. I open the app click add button in the related view and enter the document link requested and click save. The new record is added to my app, but not to my colleagues app. In order to inform him, there is also a workflow rule which triggers when something added and this rule sends to my colleague a notification mail. He gets that mail, but there is still no data in his app. After receiving this e-mail he has to sync the app manually, to be able to receive that data. My question is: Am I correct in this? Is there any other way, that my colleagues app syncs itself before 30 minutes? Can the apps of users triggered by a webhook to sync or update for example? Thanks in advance.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


If you have set automatic background updates, then the app is synced/updated every 30mins. There is no way to trigger a sync remotely i.e. via webhook. However, you can provide a sync by setting an expression in Initial View property like:

LINKTOVIEW(“YourViewName”) & “&at=” & NOW()

Bear in mind that this expression will work only if your user’s app is not already running/active in the background

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