Hi all, i have a question. I am making an att...

(Jean Marc Permal) #1

Hi all, i have a question. I am making an attendance app. Is there any way, i could trigger an open door action after scanning the code of the employee? Example employee A, scan his QR Code, time in, the door opens with a device connected to the android or ios device

(Philip Garrett) #2

What do you need to do to trigger the door to open?

(Jean Marc Permal) #3

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh What I want to do is to be able to control the access to the a specific room. Example the store room. The staffs willl be allocated a QR Code loaded in their mobile phone or a printed card

(Philip Garrett) #4


If the user has the “right” QR code what needs to happen to open the door? I am presuming there is a physical lock, or an automatic door opener, or the like on the door that need to be unlocked or activated by some means. How is that done?

(Jean Marc Permal) #5


If let say the user is registered(and active) and QR Code is found, the automatic door triggers open. A little bit like the open drawer facility. Normally for the open drawer, its the printing feature that triggers the open drawer action

(Philip Garrett) #6


I understand how the AppSheet app can scan and verify a QR code.

Once it has done this, I do not understand what the app can do to actually cause the door to open. Presumably the app needs to communicate with something physically connected to the door to cause the door to unlock and open. How exactly does that communication happen?

For example, if the QR code is valid, AppSheet could send an email, or send an SMS, or send a Notification, or call a webhook but how would any of these things cause the door to open?

(Jean Marc Permal) #7

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hi i guess the only way to have this possible would have been a printing procedure. As the same procedure for the open drawer trigger. Anyway, thx for trying

(Philip Garrett) #8

@Jean_Marc_Permal Sorry.