Hi all - I have been creating an attachment ...

(Cyril Khamsi) #1

Hi all -

I have been creating an attachment for an email workflow, which was working until about 30 minutes ago when I started getting this error in the Audit Log: “field ‘Attachment’ could not be read due to Google drive Internal Server Error 500 while reading docid=” (my docID follows, just removed for here).

I’ve tried different document ids with no different result, and in the editor when I select View the attachment, the google doc opens properly in my browser.

Is this something on Google’s side or anything else I should try?

Best, Cy

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

No general Google Drive problems at the moment. But anytime you get an error 500, that is an error on the Google Drive side. You may have hit some bug in their system or it may be a transient thing.

I take it you have been changing the template doc. Can you try to export it to HTML (explicitly via the File menu in Google docs)? That is a step we invoke and it is possible you have added some doc artifact that hits a bug on their side.

(Cyril Khamsi) #3

Hi Praveen. Publishing failed, so I created a new document and had to copy the tables in the template down to Office and then repaste in a new google doc to get things to work. If I just copied the data into a new document it would fail still. Back and running! Thanks, again.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4