Hi All - I have run into a problem with one o...

(Mindy Rothstein) #1

Hi All - I have run into a problem with one of my apps. On the app, I have it graphing basic data (numbers) entered into the app (and stored on google sheets). I also have data (numbers) that are entered into the app, calculated into a percentage on google sheets and then I had them set up to be graphed on the app as well. A few days ago, the app stopped reading all of the lines in the percentage sheet and it only links the first 4 lines. I have not changed a thing…Any ideas? I emailed premium support a day ago, but nothing back yet…

(Mindy Rothstein) #2

Gardensnout, I figured it out! Nevermind people! Thanks!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

What was the issue?

(Mindy Rothstein) #4

“Required” was selected for each field and an entry is not present for EVERY field. Thus, the program only allowed for the viewing of lines with an entry for each column. When I removed the “required” field, everything returned!