Hi All. I have searched the forum but havent ...

(Baloo Soft) #1

Hi All. I have searched the forum but havent seen this question. Is there a user friendly/elegant way for me to group a number of existing records into a named group? Example:

House1, House2, House3, House4

are all part of


I could just add a dropdown for each house during data entry but the issue is:

  1. The user is the one creating the group name (could be anything) - maybe enumlist??

  2. Its a bit clunky to manually link each House.

Any alternative would help!

(Marc Dillon) #2

You’ll need a column in your houses table for their Group. If a house can be in multiple groups, than make the column an enumlist, but otherwise just enum. In the column settings you can allow the user to add their own value, which in subsequent entries they can then find in the dropdown list.

If you’re number of groups is small enough, you could add a bunch of action buttons. A press of the button autofills this Group column to the appropriate value.

Maybe the group name can be the beginning for end of the House name, then the Group column would just use left() or right() from there?

(Baloo Soft) #3


Thanks for the reply. This was indeed the only option I could think of as well. Your suggestion of concatenating group and house name (virtual) column is an added bonus. Thanks.