Hi all, I have two questions here: 1.How do...

(Mohd Fadyllah) #1

Hi all,

I have two questions here:

1.How do i convert Yes/No type to 1 and 0 so i can total it up?

2.How to set a column that is enum text, e.g A,B,C based on total up of other column?

Thanks.This community is so good!!!

(Grant Stead) #2
  1. you can use the count function in a virtual column to accomplish that. It would be something like COUNT(FILTER(TABLE, [Y/N COLUMN] = TRUE)


(Grant Stead) #3

But I’m assuming you’re totaling up the whole column, but looking now maybe you’re just totaling up a bunch of columns in a single record?

(Mohd Fadyllah) #4

Yes. it is for a single record.Thanks

(Mohd Fadyllah) #5

How about my second question? Let say i have two colums, one TotalMark one is Grade.

If want the Grade value depent on TotalMark, e,g TotalMark>85 Grade=A

(Aleksi Alkio) #6
  1. =IFS([ColA],1)+IFS([ColB],1)+… 2) =SWITCH([Col],1,{A},2,{A,B},{A,B,C}) into the Valid_If
(Mohd Fadyllah) #7

Ok…it works like a charm!!! Thanks