Hi all I have two related tables in my app, ...

(Carl Foster) #1

Hi all

I have two related tables in my app, customers and sites. Each customer can own multiple sites. The references were automatically created by appsheet and I think work.

What I would like to do is make it so that the user can view a customer detail and have an option at the bottom to add a site, which will then show as a list at the bottom of customer detail.

This is similar to the way the Order Capture demo app shows a list of orders when viewing a customer. Currently I have the customers spreadsheet populated, but no data in the sites spreadsheet. Do you know how to enable this functionality please?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Carl_Foster, Based on my understanding

and as per your input, the app editor has already established the reference between Customers and Sites table ( Typically, I am sure you have either Customer ID or Customer Name column from Customer Table that is referenced in Sites table) 1) Please create any of

table /deck / gallery/ detail type of view out of Customer tables

If above is created and your sites table /slice have Add/Update and Delete( if business logic demands delete operation ) permissions , you should be able to see the view called something as “Related Sites” at the bottom in detail view of your each customer. Here you can add more sites (through Add button) or View existing sites linked to the said Customer (through View button) in the “Related Sites” view.

As you add sites through the app by filling up site info, your Sites back end spreadsheet will start populating.

Hope this helps.

(Carl Foster) #3

Thank you for your help. I realised that the problem was I had created a column order on customer detail to only display certain columns. I missed out the Customer Sites column. Thanks

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Thank you @Carl_Foster for your update. Good to know that you have found a solution. All the best.