Hi All, I m a soccer coach, and I started t...

Hi All,

I m a soccer coach, and I started to develop a small Appsheet App to manager my teams ( about 24 juniors and 3 teams), training session and players attendance. The App is based on my current google sheet.

I facing now a small problem and need some help . here the situation:

To manage attendence with appsheet, i split the current gsheet to 3 sheets:

1 - players (E): PID, data: name, birthdate, Ref to Team… 2 - Activities (E):

AID, Date, Type, location, and a Ref to Team,

3 - Attendance - ® : ID, Present?, Ref to AID, Ref to PID,…

To enhance the workflow and the simplicity I need to accomplish the Following:

  • Create a new Activity for a team A (5 players),with Add Button from the Activities View is GREAT ! this will add a new row to the [Activities sheet]:

AID004 ; 06/02/2018; Training; Indoor; TeamA

  • Instead to open the Attendance view and add each player, one by one, i need the App to add automatically

a new row for each Team A player to the [attendance sheet]:

ID0051; 1 ;

AID004, PID001 ID0052; 1 ;

AID004, PID002 ID0053; 0 ;

AID004, PID003 ID0054; 1 ;

AID004, PID004 ID0055; 0 ;

AID004, PID005

[Players Sheet] looks like this: PID001;

Sharapova; TeamA;… PID002;


TeamA;… PID003;


TeamA;… PID004;


TeamA;… PID005;Haas;


Is there any way to do this ?

Thank you in advance

@Avenchine No, it’s not possible to automatically add rows. This is a feature we plan on adding this quarter, though.

A rough workaround would maybe be to record absences instead of attendances. Then you’d only have to add related rows for people who DON’T show up (which should be far fewer than those who DO, right?).

Hi Tony, thanks for your feedback! I will think about it !

Was this feature ever added?

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Hey @Will_Henry. No, it has yet to be added. We’re still moving towards it and will make an announcement in the community when it’s released.