Hi All, I wonder if anyone has any ideas of ...

(Chris Jeal) #1

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has any ideas of a how to I have?

My question is, can appsheet break down multiple order number references within the sheet and/or app?

So, basically my sheet is full of orders and trucks; the app can quite easily add one order to a truck which then makes that truck unavailable as it is now loaded, but I quite often can have a load that can have more than one order within it going to more than one customer. (Multi-Drop)

If the below is something like my order flow:

Order Flow


Order #1



3349 Order #2 Order #3 Order #4

I could do with the app adding the orders to the trucks a little something like this:

Truck Order

A 52153356 Order #1 B 52153324 Order #2 B 52153331 Order #3 B 52153349 Order #4

Hope this makes sense…

Thanks in advance. Chris.

(Steven Coile) #2

Sure, this is possible. It’s not clear to me what you need help with, though.