Hi all I would like to change the name that ...

(Carl Foster) #1

Hi all

I would like to change the name that appears at the top of the form UI so that it says “Edit Customer” if it’s editing, but “New Customer” if it’s creating a new customer.

There is a place to change the name of the form UI and it looks like a formula could be entered. Anyone have an idea of what formula would work here please?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid you can’t change the view name with the option “Display name” as you requested in a form view. You can do that with a Show field with an expression like… IF(IN([KeyColumn],TableName[KeyColumn]),“Edit Customer”,“New Customer”)

(Carl Foster) #3

As you say, the form view doesn’t recognise any of the columns, unlike other views like the detail view.

With your suggestion, does this mean that it will appear as a column of data that can be positioned at the top of the form like a title?

The problem with this is I’ve set the app to show the view names at in the app top bar, so this wouldn’t quite work. I guess there’s no other workaround?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

That’s correct and at this moment there is no workaround, as far as I have tested.

(Carl Foster) #5

Thank you@Aleksi_Alkio , appreciate your help as always