Hi all! I'm building the FCHProcessconfirmat...

(lam nguyen hoang) #1

Hi all!

I’m building the FCHProcessconfirmation-527808 app and there are some issues that need your guidance.

  1. What is the yellow triangle warning ?

  2. Why the chart below does not show up, probably due to the error above 3 Figure using this app to check at the site, per check up: 5 issues related to safety, 5 issues related to quality and 5 issues related to other issues. So there are 15 deadlines for these issues. Use bulk action to: 5 issues safety done or 1 of 5 issues safety not done => update deadline as shown below. But when I create the click, the hand does not turn up for the case done or turned down for the case has not done. 4. Because of the 15 deal issues, how do you guide the management more effectively ?, because the control issues are Done, waiting or pending.

(David Hopkins) #2

The yellow triangle typically means that there is a problem with your referenced table.

When that happens to me, it’s because I’m using something other than the _key to reference back.

Although I’m not sure why your getting “repeated action icons”, you can control them on the UX>Views page for that display.

Sorry, but Im not clear on questions 3 & 4…

(lam nguyen hoang) #3

@David_Hopkins please explain me more detail

(David Hopkins) #4

In the reference table situation, try to always use the KEY column when your referencing.

if you are trying to preload a lookup it’s often easier to use a type “ENUM” and a table reference in the Valid If line …