Hi all - I'm creating a validation rule for ...

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Hi all -

I’m creating a validation rule for a drop down list that references different lists depending on another value in the form ([tx type]). It works except the last ifs statment…

If [tx type] doesn’t equal the conditions in my ifs() statement, I want the user to be able to input any value.

How do I do this? Can I create a list that allows any value? My last attempt is below…

=ifs( [tx type]=“Client Bill”,select(clients[company short name],[status]<>”Inactive”), [tx type]=“Client Bill Pmt”,select(clients[company short name],[status]<>”Inactive”), [tx type]=“Carrier Bill”,select(carrier accounts[label],and([carrier id]=[_thisrow].[carrier],[status]<>”Inactive”)), [tx type]=“Carrier Bill Pmt”,select(carrier accounts[label],and([carrier id]=[_thisrow].[carrier],[status]<>”Inactive”)), TRUE,{TRUE})

Thanks for any help!


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Hi all just checking in for tips! @Aleksi_Alkio any thoughts?