Hi All I'm struggling to get an EnumList whi...

(Gordon DOCHERTY) #1

Hi All

I’m struggling to get an EnumList which is filtered.

I have a table


Dept a@b.com Production b@b.com Production c@b.com Production d@b.com Warehouse e@b.com Warehouse

How do i construct the ValidIf statement to get Production department members to only see members of Production and not Warehouse? (and vice versa!)

I’m looking at SELECT([Email],[Dept]=“the same department as USEREMAIL()”)

All help appreciated! Thanks Gordon

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Try with… SELECT(YourTableName[Email],[Dept]=LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),TableName,Email,Dept))

(Gordon DOCHERTY) #3


(Fernando López) #4

I guess you will use it on a slice or a security filter, if so then use this [dept] = LOOKUP(USERMAIL(), yourtable, email, dept)

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Fernando_Lopez He wanted to have filtered Enumlist.

(Fernando López) #6

Ohhhh, OK :slight_smile:

(Gordon DOCHERTY) #7

Thanks everyone - I’ve implemented Aleksi’s suggestion successfully. This gives my colleagues the option to select their own department members in an EnumList, but not any other departments. Perfect