Hi All I'm sure this should be simple but I ...

(Dave Kelly) #1

Hi All

I’m sure this should be simple but I am struggling.

How can I set the (initial) value of a field to the value of another cell, in a different table, at the time the new row is created? I don’t want the field to continuosly update - it should be a record of what the other cell was when the new row was created/

Scenario is a simple Inventory app where each week a user does a stock check of

a small number of products. Appsheet prompts for count of each products, new row is created, all is good.

Now a separate table (in the same Google Sheet) which is not managed by appsheet holds the system view of the number of items which should be in stock.

The current “system view” of the number of each product is always in the same place in this sheet.

When a stock check is done I would like to automatically add some extra fields to the new row which captures the “system said” counts at that time.

I can easily reference the required cell using


(=StockSummary!B2), but this value then updates every time the referenced cell changes. I want it to be a read once.

I can’t put “=StockSummary!B2” into the initial value; it doesn’t work.

I’m looking to use an intial value of something like

“StockSummary[B2]” or


Any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

You need to use a LOOKUP() function in the InitialValue for the column

Something like this LOOKUP([Product1], StockSummary, Product, CurrentCount)

(Dave Kelly) #3

Thank you! working a treat !