Hi all, In terms of subscription to the app f...

(Simone Stoove) #1

Hi all, In terms of subscription to the app for business ($7 per month cost), is the subscription for the users who are creating the app or does everyone who uses the app need a subscription to access the app after it has been deployed? Thanks

(Tony Fader) #2

Hi @Simone_Stoove. The app creator is the person who will be billed. So if you’re on a $1/month per-user plan, and you have 10 users, you’ll pay $10/month. Your users won’t pay anything (if you want them to pay, you’ll have to arrange something with them outside of AppSheet).

(Simone Stoove) #3

Thanks @tony. Also, do users have to have any other software installed to use the app on their phones?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Simone_Stoove Your users can run your app in a web browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari), or you can install the AppSheet Hosting app (described here): help.appsheet.com - Deploy Your App Deploy Your App help.appsheet.com

(Simone Stoove) #5

Thanks @tony