Hi all, In the "Order Capture" sample app, t...

(Faustin Ngassa) #1

Hi all,

In the “Order Capture” sample app, the OrderDetails table has a reference to the Products table via the column key Product Id; however, in the Order Details entry form, instead of the [Product Id] being displayed, it is the [Product Name], which is a lot more user friendly and makes for easy searches.

I would like to perform exactly the same, but in my app, my list returns the [Product Id] and I do not know where to change this behavior.

Any help?

(Faustin Ngassa) #2

This is a screenshot from my own app

(Challa Ramakrishna) #3

@Faustin_Ngassa change the label field of the table to the name of the product.

(Philip Garrett) #4


As Challa is suggesting, see Row Label at help.appsheet.com - Row Labels Row Labels help.appsheet.com

(Faustin Ngassa) #5

@Challa_Ramakrishna : Thanks for the suggestion and @Philip_Garrett_Appsh thank you for the link. The answers are spot on!