Hi all, Is it possible to have a virtual col...

(Riiz Awre) #1

Hi all,

Is it possible to have a virtual column in a slice that acts as a link to another column?

Say have a virtual column about a status (complete/not complete) but when I tap on it, it goes to a list of the detailed tasks.


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Riiz_Awre,

Virtual columns are read only and computed columns so you may not have an enum like selection with the VC itself.

However based on description given by you,

as an alternative, you may have an inline action associated with a virtual column ( or real column) that takes you to views ( created based on task status in that particular virtual / real column.

Please revert if you are looking for something else.

(Riiz Awre) #3

Hi Suvrutt,

I think you are correct, I’ll ty this and will inform you if this is the one I’m looking for.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

(Riiz Awre) #4

Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Thanks a lot for your help, your solution fits my needs.