hi all, is there a way to make a link in an ...

(Lucas Cuypers) #1

hi all,

is there a way to make a link in an email or template that opens a file ? so basically i have a table where i have a file column. the problem is that the file is to big for attachment email. so i was thinking of making a link…

is this possible and how to do it ?

(Marc Dillon) #2

You’re sending an email from a workflow? You can probably do it by using HTML code in your body template.

HTML code for a link is

Link Text

(Lucas Cuypers) #3

Hi Marc

I get that but how do you create the URL ? The file is stored in the form. Column file

(Marc Dillon) #4

Not sure, never actually used a file column yet. Scroll about half way down this page, maybe it can help

help.appsheet.com - Displaying Images and Documents Displaying Images and Documents help.appsheet.com

(Philip Garrett) #5


Just include the name of the field containing the file name in your email template. When the field type is “File”, we automatically construct the Hyperllnk to the file and insert that it the resulting email template output.

(Lucas Cuypers) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh could I use this in a hyperlink so i can manage the clickable text that is displayed in the email ?

(Philip Garrett) #7


Yes you could by using the HYPERLINK function.

You could control the text. We use the FileName as the text.

The URL portion of the hyperlink should contain a TableFileUrl. The following article describes how to construct a TableFileUrl for an image. Constructing a TableFileUrl for a file is similar.

You can see what a proper TableFileUrl looks like by letting us construct the TableFileUrl, as I described above. Then look at the resulting URL value in the generated document. Your TableFileUrl should look identical to the one we generate.

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Can you please link to the article? It’s not showing in this reply.

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thank you